Qualified validation and preservation of electronic signature and electronic seal service

Ensure the security of e-documents over the long term.

WebNotarius is a qualified service that confirms the authenticity and validity of electronic signatures and seals attached to electronic documents. Combined with qualified preservation, it provides long-term (e.g. 30 years) evidentiary value of signatures and seals linked unambiguously to the contents of specific documents. The validation result can be downloaded as a PDF report, which is legally recognized evidence in arbitration and court cases.

WebNotarius is a qualified service whose:

Compliance with Polish and EU regulations (eIDAS) is confirmed by periodic audits of EU-accredited assessment bodies.

The legal status is confirmed to an entry in the Register of Trust Service Providers in accordance with the decision of the Minister responsible for informatization.

WebNotarius as a Service:

verifies electronic signatures and seals based on certificates issued by any qualified certification centre (CA) in the European Union (EU) and leading non-qualified electronic signatures and seals worldwide. WebNotarius as a Service:

  • integrates with internal systems of the company or institution

  • isaccessible from any desktop or mobile device

  • operates continuously 24/7/365

Learn aboutthe applications of WebNotarius:

WebNotarius' Qualified Validation and Preservation service will work well in any electronically executed legal action that requires a signature or seal for its validity, i.e., public and commercial tender proceedings, contracts, and all declarations of intent, among others.

Using the WebNotarius service, you will validate e-signatures and e-seals by evaluating and accepting:

  • Tender documents

  • Business agreements

  • Shipping documents

  • e-invoices and commercial offers

  • Decisions and official documents

  • Medical documents

  • HR Documents

  • e-declarations

  • other electronic documents from across the EU

Choose the most convenient way to implement the WebNotarius service

You can integrate your business system with Asseco's service via API and perform the validation and preservation process according to your needs: automatically or manually. If you do not want to integrate your business system, we will provide you with dedicated access to the service via a web browser so that you can manually call the validation process. An additional component of the service in the solutions offered is the so-called validation gateway that ensures the confidentiality of validated electronic documents without sending their content outside your organization's infrastructure.

Choose thesuitable service launch option:

API – Integration of your business system with the Asseco service

  • Automatic and manual triggering of the validation and preservation process in your system
  • PDF report of qualified validation
  • Available evidence from the preservation process
  • Confidentiality of validated documents
  • Ability to implement a validation gateway
  • Variant recommended for high volume or batch validation of e-signatures and e-seals

Validation through a dedicated web interface

  • Manual triggering of validation
  • Access to the service via the website for you, your employees, and customers
  • PDF report of qualified validation
  • Confidentiality of validated documents
  • Implemented validation gateway
  • Variant recommended for small as well as large number of e-signature and e-seal validations