Biometric Signature with International
Common Criteria Security Certification

Gain a certified solution for digitally signing documents.

Parametry podpisu biometrycznego

Fig. Biometric signature parameters

biocertiX is a certified and secure biometric signature solution, resulting from the collaboration of three organizations: Asseco, Samsung, and Xtension. This solution combines traditional handwritten document signing with modern technology. The signature is made on a Samsung tablet screen using a stylus. Documents signed in this way retain full legal validity and evidential power. Unlike qualified signatures, there is no need to obtain a certificate before using this type of signature.

The applied technology and security measures ensure the integral connection of the document content with the complex signature, and biometric signature data cannot be intercepted or replaced. The solution can be integrated with client-owned specialized systems.

biocertiX combines three key elements:


Specialized software created and delivered by Xtension

This high-tech tool is designed for biometric signatures using a Samsung tablet and Asseco's trust services. The software makes it possible to sign documents securely while keeping the signature fully legal under the law.


A secure Samsung tablet equipped

with a touchscreen specially adapted to record biometric signature parameters such as pressure, speed, and stylus movement acceleration. Additionally, the tablet provides a secure operating environment for the application through the KNOX platform.


Qualified trust services provided by Asseco

under the Certum brand. Trust services play a key role in the life cycle of an electronic document. The foldable biometric signature is secured with a qualified electronic seal, and the date and time of its submission are confirmed by an embedded qualified electronic timestamp in the document.

Podpis biometryczny

An essential complement to the solution is the procedural support from a Trusted Third Party for the protection of biometric data. This is a unique service from Asseco, where the private key for decrypting biometric data (collected during signature submission) is securely stored in a hardware security module (HSM).

In the event of challenging the biometric signature, the TrustedThird Party allows a one-time decryption of biometric data designated by a court-appointed expert.

biocertiX – summary of services and tools


  • Qualified electronic seal, Qualified time stamp protection of biometric data (Trusted Third Party service)


  • Tablet, KNOX platform


  • Biometric signature software

Podpis biometryczny na tablecie

Common CriteriaCertificate

biocertiX has obtained international safety certification. The Asseco - Samsung - Xtension solution has successfully undergone rigorous Common Criteria certification, making it one of the safest biometric signature solutions on the market.

The Common Criteria (CC) certification is globally recognized as a “security mark” issued by an accredited certifying body based on detailed examinations confirming compliance with declared functionality. This compliance is achieved while meeting international standards and recommendations for information protection, including effective defenses against cyber attacks. Certified solutions are widely applied in critical state infrastructure and significant electronically conducted business processes.

biocertiX provides protection for your documents:

against unauthorized access to the system

against CSRF attacks

against modification or alteration of the displayed document for signing

against unauthorized acquisition of biometric signature data

against copying biometric signature data to another document

cryptographic security API for integration with other systems

What documents do you sign with a biometric signature?

In practice, biocertiX provides the capability to personally sign any PDF document, effectively in legal terms, constituting an obligation, a declaration of will, or proof of the completion of other actions in business, administrative, or private relations. Exceptions may apply for documents where a specific legal form is reserved for validity.

BiocertiX allows for the personal signing of various PDF documents, such as:

  • B2B and B2C agreements

  • tender documents

  • fee information and changes

  • employment contracts

  • HR documents

  • commercial offers

  • commercial agreements

  • handover and acceptance protocols

  • and many more