SimplySign signatures for customers to enter into leasing agreements

Implementation and integration of Asseco trust services at Santander Leasing
The Client

Leasing leader in Poland

Santander Leasing is a company with over 20 years of experience and a leader in financing vehicles, machinery, and equipment. It offers services to small and medium businesses as well as corporate customers. It employs 700 people, and the value of financed fixed assets exceeds PLN 11 billion. The number of Santander Leasing customers has already reached almost 73,000, and the company signs more than 35,000 contracts and lease agreements every year.

The Challenge

Digitalization of lease agreement signing

Santander Leasing focuses on the high quality of its offer and aims to provide customers with the greatest possible access to services they can render digitally and independently in the eBOK24 portal. That is why one of the company's priorities has become digitizing and simplifying the lease agreement signing process for entrepreneurs. To achieve this, the company has decided to include issuing <a href="" style="color: #5ec1b0" target="blank">qualified electronic signatures</a> to its customers. It entrusted the task to Asseco Data Systems, a leader in trust services in Poland


Implementation and integration of Asseco trust services

Projekt, który wyróżniał się skalą przedsięwzięcia pod względem technologicznym i operacyjnym obejmował wdrożenie usług zaufania Asseco Data Systems:

  • <a href="" style="color: #5ec1b0" target="blank">SimplySign</a> qualified electronic signature with a qualified times stamp for signing agreements in the eBOK portal,
  • <a href="" style="color: #5ec1b0" target="blank">qualified electronic seal</a> to automatically seal agreements,
  • API RA to automate the e-signature request process,
  • Trust services gateways allow the confidentiality of the signed document to be maintained and create the proper signature format as required by standards and provisions of the law.

The project also involved their integration with the key business systems of Santander Leasing, responsible for sales support, customer service, and document flow. Asseco was also responsible for building the cloud-based document repository needed to create a fully digital process for signing lease agreements. All work was conducted in the agile methodology. The project was completed in 12 months and ended in September 2021.

For leasing consultants to be able to issue SimplySign qualified electronic signatures to customers, they had to become certified as a business operator of an Identity Confirmation Point (ICP). For this purpose, online training courses were conducted at Asseco Academy. Thanks to them, 279 employees of Santander Leasing were certified in three months, enabling the lessor’s consultants to issue 334 qualified e-signatures.

What is the current process for signing lease agreements?

Before a customer signs a lease agreement, he or she submits an electronic application for SimplySign, and his or her identity can be confirmed in two ways:

  • by an advisor – ICP operator during a one-time personal meeting,
  • using electronic identification (eID Santander), allows automatic verification of the customer's identity through a personal bank account with Santander Bank Polska, thus eliminating the need for a physical meeting with a consultant.

After receiving the certificate and activating the SimplySign service, the customer signs leasing documents with a qualified electronic signature in the eBOK24 portal.


Sign lease agreements digitally and remotely with SimplySign

  • Signing contracts at a time and place convenient for customers
  • Increased efficiency of leasing consultants
  • Guarantee of security of processed data and documents
  • Remote maintenance and processing of leasing contracts
  • Reduce service time and dramatically improve service quality
  • Digitalization of document workflow and reduction of paper handling costs
  • Keeping key processes running during the pandemic
  • Increasing the number of digital services in the eBOK24 portal
  • Implementing a paperless strategy and caring for the environment

Milestones of the project

Stage 1

Integration of Santander Leasing systems with Asseco services

Stage 2

Launching a full electronic lease agreement signing process

Stage 3

Training of Santander Leasing employees at Asseco Academy

Stage 4

Grant of ICP operator privileges

Stage 5

Issuing e-signatures to leasing consultants

The project in figures

Santander Leasing business systems covered by the project
Asseco products used in the implementation
Santander Leasing employees have been certified as ICP operators
SimplySign qualified signatures were given to leasing consultants
people are employed by Santander Leasing
users have access to Santander Leasing's eBOK24 portal
At Santander Leasing, we have always offered our customers modern solutions, and the high quality of these services and cooperation based on trust are important to us. That is why one of our priorities was digitizing and simplifying the lease agreement signing process. Especially today, in the era of the pandemic, such solutions are extremely important. We take care of the safety of our employees and customers, minimize their direct contact, but simultaneously realize that the current situation cannot stop business. Our customers are constantly evolving, and by digitizing their leasing processes, we can make it easier for them to do so.

Mariusz Włodarczyk, <span class="rich-label">Managing Director at Santander Leasing</span>

What sets the project for Santander Leasing apart is that it is a comprehensive solution integrated with the leasing company's operational systems to issue a qualified certificate and sign the lease agreement electronically. Now, all it takes is one meeting between an employee and a customer. The qualified signature activation process itself takes place on the customer's device, i.e., a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Qualified trust services are provided in accordance with the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation, and a qualified electronic signature is equivalent in legal effect to a handwritten signature, which is particularly important in the case of leasing agreements. According to the regulations, it must be concluded in writing in order to be valid.

Artur Miękina, <span class="rich-label">Key Projects Sales Director, Asseco Data Systems</span>

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