Paperless solution for Plus and Polsat Box customers

How to save 182,000 reams at the points of sale.
The Client

Leader in media and telecommunications services

The Polsat Plus Group (GPP) is one of the largest Polish companies and a leading media and telecommunications group in the region. In total, it provides more than 20 million pay-TV, telephony, and Internet access services. The Polsat Television Group's channels are at the top of the viewing market in the commercial group. The Polsat-Interia Group holds a leading position in the Internet publishing market – it already has 21.2 million monthly portal users, generating an average of about 2.2 billion page views monthly. GPP creates television content and provides telecommunications products and integrated services for individual and business customers using the best and latest technologies.

GPP has over 1,000 stationary points of sale (POS) across Poland, with approximately 3,500 assistants.

The Challenge

Digitalization of B2C sales and customer service at POS (points of sale)

Several thousand assistants in POS printed a huge number of paper documents every day. Servicing them was expensive and also very time consuming. Purchasing paper, printing, leasing printers, and maintaining the archive generated high costs. Paper documents needed to be completed, verified and archived. Therefore, a decision was made to simplify this by reducing the scale of point-of-sale printing and using commercially available technologies and tools for digitization.

The decision to reduce the amount of paper used resulted from the social mission carried out for years, the pro-environmental approach of the GPP, and its activity within the Clean Poland Program Association (Pol Stowarzyszenie Program Czysta Polska).

A proposal from Asseco, Xtension, and Samsung was selected to build a new digital process to support the implementation of paperless strategies in enterprises. The solution enables signing agreements with a stylus on the screen of a tablet running hardware security software – Samsung KNOX. The documents shall bear a qualified electronic seal and a qualified electronic time stamp compliant with the European eIDAS Regulation.

Implementation of the electronic signature is another stage of the digital transformation of the Polsat Plus Group, in which we are supported by Asseco, our technology partner. As a result, Plus and Polsat Box customers can benefit from solutions using the latest technologies that support environmental protection and bring with them time savings, speed, and convenience.

Katarzyna Wróbel-Frątczak, <span class="rich-label">Deputy Director of Sales and Base Management for Sales Development and Maintenance of the Polsat Plus Group</span>


e-Signature on a tablet in points of sale of the Polsat Plus Group

A prerequisite for the paperless solution to be implemented was to cover the widest possible customer base and to meet formal and legal requirements so that agreements and annexes could be concluded in compliance with the regulations.

The project required changes in the sales and service systems and  the customer acquisition and retention processes of the Polsat Plus Group, as well as the integration of the systems with the signaturiX tablet signing system supplied by Xtension. The schedule was divided into several stages, which were implemented gradually in selected business processes and companies. In the first stage, new digital sales processes were implemented for Plus telecommunications services, and in the second stage – for PolsatBox TV services.

The project was carried out by the teams of the Telecommunications and Media Division of Asseco Poland, Asseco Data Systems, and Xtension, as well as the business departments and IT teams of the Polsat Plus Group. Nearly 150 specialists worked on the implementation for 12 months, from January 2021 to January 2022, and modified about 25 systems. As much as 99% of the workshops and project work was done remotely due to the pandemic. The project team first met live after 9 months of working together in September 2021 for the launch of the paperless solution for Plus services.

In the new digital customer service process, a POS employee using a tablet running SignaturiX software scans a QR code from the sales system screen. A proposal of the agreed terms of the agreement and its final version appears on the tablet. The agreement is then hand-signed with a stylus by the customer and an assistant representing the operator and confirmed in the system with a qualified seal and a qualified electronic time stamp. This allows it to be strong and independent legal evidence. Finally, the agreement in an encrypted PDF file is sent to the e-mail address specified by the customer and to the e-Archive.

  • Speed, safety, and ecology
  • Convenience for customers and saving them time
  • Security of document circulation and transactions
  • Eliminating paper documents from POS
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Reduction of customer service time
  • Processes automation and reduction of the risk of errors
  • Environmental protection: about 182,000 reams saved from September 2021 to October 2022.
Polsat Plus Group has reduced the cost of maintaining the paper-based workflow. It has implemented a new, secure, and completely digital process to protect customer documents and data. It has introduced an innovative and modern paperless solution to the organization, aligning with the ecological activities that the Group has consistently implemented for years.

Katarzyna Wróbel-Frątczak, <span class="rich-label">Deputy Director of Sales and Base Management for Sales Development and Maintenance of the Polsat Plus Group</span>

Milestones of the project

January – May 2021

Stage 1

  • preparation of environments for the new solution
  • preparation of a functional design
  • development works in adapting the solution
  • documentation elaboration
May 2021

Stage 2

  • production tests of the solution for a part of Plus processes in a selected POS
July 2021

Stage 3

  • production deployment
  • production testing
  • full scope piloting for Plus processes
July – September 2021

Stage 4

  • stabilization and commercialization of the solution in all POS for Plus processes
September 2021

Stage 5

  • more than 1,000 POS use the paperless solution for Plus services
November 2021

Stage 6

  • production implementation for Polsat Box processes
November – December 2021

Stage 7

  • stabilization and making the Polsat Box processes available in the selected group of POS
January 2022

Stage 8

  • more than 1,000 POS use the paperless solution for Polsat Box services

The project in figures

modified GPP systems
contracts currently being entered into electronically
of work in remote mode
POS covered by the paperless solution
This was one of our largest projects in 2021. In total, for 12 months, the teams of the Telecommunications and Media Division of Asseco Poland, Asseco Data Systems and Xtension, as well as the business departments and IT teams of the Polsat Plus Group, made the necessary modifications to domain systems, prepared dozens of new interfaces, hundreds of pages of documentation and thousands of lines of code. It was an ambitious project that brought a lot of satisfaction, facilitated the customer service process, allowed for the digitisation of further sales processes and, above all, supported environmental protection.

Rafał Rycerz, <span class="rich-label">Project Manager, Asseco Poland</span>

The implementation in the Polsat Plus Group is a large and important project. An important feature and differentiator of this solution is that the security of the authenticity and integrity of the digital signature will be implemented based on a qualified electronic seal and qualified electronic time stamp provided by Asseco. This will ensure that the electronic document generated and emailed to the customer will be strong and stand-alone legal evidence.

Artur Miękina, <span class="rich-label">Key Projects Sales Director, Asseco Data Systems</span>

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